Public Safety

St. Louis City needs more than 100 new officers to alleviate our current public safety challenges. In order to ensure we have short response times, community engagement, and continuous improvement we must ensure that the department is fully staffed and well trained. In addition, we must secure sustainable resources for recruitment, professional development, and community building that will improve overall efficiency and drive all costs down.

As an advocate for community policing I would work with neighborhood leaders, the faith community, and the Police to find solutions to the deep rifts that prevent our success as a city. Recognizing that we are on the same team with the same goal of making St. Louis a great place to live for everyone is a key starting point. Should the position of Chief become vacant during my term I would support and advocate for a National Search that would provide a progressive perspective on how we can move St. Louis forward in this area.

Alderman Jeffrey Boyd understands first hand the impact of gun violence. Common sense legislation that helps gets guns off the streets, improved measures to promote gun safety, and collaborative efforts to execute community policing, training, and unity are what St. Louis needs to RISE above these challenges.