Economic Development


As mayor I will do everything possible to help St. Louis RISE. I want to put St. Louis on a path to sustainable growth by supporting development that attracts visitors and corporate regional offices to our city. I will aim to balance the appeal of growth and development with requirements that we fund and sustain revenues allocated to improve public services, increase wages, and execute departmental expansion plans that align with the trajectory of the city.

There are three fundamental tests that will guide my economic development determinations.

○ Does the project create good paying jobs for local citizens?

○ Does the project provide return on the investment and optimize any shared revenue opportunities to re-invest to the city?

○ Does the project align with the overall strategic plan for St. Louis? If these tests are not satisfied it would be difficult for the project to have my support as Mayor.



I am confident that with regular departmental auditing we can find savings within the budget that will positively impact the public services we offer as a city. Funds would be re-allocated to provide trash pick up across the city, fix roads, and support the increase pay of city employees.

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